Keeping it Real

Well I said I would post every Monday, so here I am. I have two draft posts in the queue, but they don’t really apply at the moment. Today is one of those days when I really don’t want to write a blog post, especially about my transition away from the standard American diet to a whole foods plant based diet because today the SAD is winning. I went to Taco Bell after work and had a fiesta salad (no taco meat), cheesy fiesta potatoes and four cinnabons.  It tasted really good in the moment, but of course the regret came later as it always does. I wish the healthy food tasted as good as the junk food. Sometimes it does, but not today. I ate some green beans and potatoes and water melon for lunch. It was so bland. Every time I give in to junk food cravings it makes me feel like I will never slay the food addiction dragon. I just want to curl up in bed with some peanut M&Ms or Lays BBQ potato chips and read a book! It takes such incredible discipline to stay on track. Why can’t it be easy? It makes me want to scream sometimes. I just finished listening to The Power of Habits and the author talked about how food is often part of a routine for an issue that has nothing to do with food. He used the example of getting a cookie and talking with co-workers every day around 3 p.m. He used a food diary to determine that what he was really craving was social interaction. I spend a lot of time in my head. Maybe food replaces my social interaction too. So, I will do what I always do to get out of a funk. I will go find something inspirational to watch or listen to. I apologize to any one who happens by looking for inspiration or motivation, in my post today. I’m just keeping it real.

Kathy G

Update Tuesday morning…

Today is a new day. I will learn from the past and put it behind me. When I look at yesterday objectively I see that I did none of the things that I know will keep me on track and feeling good so I don’t turn to food to fill the gap. This morning I made sure to move my body as part of my morning routine. I did Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer. Even that little bit of exercise makes me feel like I’m starting my day off on the right foot. And it feels good to move my body after being realatively still while I sleep for several hours. My next step is journaling, affirmations, and gratitude. I always pray before I get out of bed, but it takes these other consistent actions as well to help me get out of my own way and stay in a positive place and move forward. 

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