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Where is The Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the designated day of love. The day when chocolate flow like lava all over the USA. I just wonder if we substitute chocolate and junk food for the love we crave? I think we do. … Continue reading

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Self Sabotage and The Bug

Have you ever heard that song by Mary Chapin Carpenter called The Bug? I used to think that was an odd song, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug. Today that song makes sense.  Sometimes I can clearly see … Continue reading

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Should Sugar Be Outlawed

I’ve heard about the evils of refined sugar for many years, but I’ve never made the connection like I did when I listened to psychology professor Susan Peirce Thompson talk about how heroine and cocaine are made. It’s the same … Continue reading

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A Vegan’s Best Friend

All my appliances burned up in a fire we had last August. You never know how much you take things for granted until you lose everything! A friend sent me a blender right away. I was so grateful for that. … Continue reading

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Control Your Environment or It Will Control You

“Control your environment or it will control you.’ ~ John Pierre One of the biggest challenges on my wellness journey is my environment. Junk food and processed food are everywhere! It means I have to rely on willpower at all … Continue reading

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Is Cauliflower the New Kale?

I love cauliflower. It’s almost as versatile as potatoes! You can eat it raw, steam it, bake it, roast it, fry it grill it, mash it… You can even make into buffalo wings, popcorn, pizza crust, and cheese! Below are … Continue reading

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Replenishing Willpower

My plant based nutrition coach sent out her newsletter today inviting her followers to check out her friend and psychologist Susan Peirce Thompson‘s presentation on the mistakes dieters make. I was very curious about that and followed the link. Have … Continue reading

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