“You will never stop overeating if you don’t stop dieting.”

Katherine Nilbrink, The Body Whisperer

Thank goodness for “tomorrow!” Tomorrow is always when I’m going to get back on track with my health and wellness goals. Whether tomorrow is Monday, New Year’s Day, my birthday, the start of a new diet program, etc. Tomorrow brings me hope and relief. Hope that I will once and for all figure out how to feel comfortable in my skin. Relief that I can eat or drink whatever I want today because tomorrow is when I will figure it all out!

But this tomorrow will be different. Why? Because I’m working with a holistic life coach and a plant based nutrition coach who knows that diets don’t work! She has traveled the well worn path of junk food addiction and come out the other side enlightened. I trust her wisdom. Who is “she”?

She is Katherine Nilbrink, founder of The Body Whisperer Project. I first met Katherine several years ago when she was my professor at a plant-based nutrition course at eCornell University. She taught me to take a more scientific approach to nutrition reports in the news that had me so confused. Do I have to eliminate all sugar, oil, and fat? Does milk do the body good or doesn’t it? How much protein do I need? Is animal protein necessary? Where do I get protein? Do I need supplements and vitamins or not? Katherine helped me answer these questions and a whole lot more. She provided lots of trustworthy resources and found creative ways to stay in touch including her “Talk Tuesdays” where she talks about everything from addictions to zen!

So, when Katherine announced her Body Whisperer Project and said that the first students to sign up get lifetime access at no additional cost, I wanted in! I know that Katherine stays on top of the latest health and wellness information. She knows how to decipher the reports and teach it so that the news makes sense.

I am excited about Katherine’s Body Whisperer Project and can’t wait to dive into a wellness program that will help me connect to my healthiest self.

When does the first Body Whisperer Project start? Tomorrow!


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