Grounding God

-If you consciously let your body take care of you, it will become your greatest ally and trusted partner.- - Deepak Chopra

As I was getting ready to put my shoes on this morning I felt an overwhelming urge to walk outside barefoot. When I got outside I again felt an urge to sit down on the ground, then lay down on the ground. Laying flat on my back wasn’t very comfortable so I sat back up and basked in the sunlight for a few minutes. It felt so good. I haven’t purposely sit or laid on the ground in years, since I was a teenager I think. It reminded me of when I used to stretch out at the beach or in the yard with my best friend to soak up the sun and talking about nothing in particular. Just enjoying the moment.

It has been about 15 minutes since I came back inside and I still feel endorphins dancing around under my skin. Getting happy on the inside makes it so much easier to be happy on the outside.

As I was sitting on the ground I heard that whisper I have come to identify as the voice of God tell me that this is what I am called to do… heal my body and help others heal their body too using the methods that God is guiding me to do which is becoming a morning routine that includes prayer, meditation, affirmations, visualization, whole body vibration, grounding, walking, learning, writing, sharing. This is the key to my sanity and success. I could write a book about this. God says, YES!

I smile at the beauty of the mind. I am grateful for a beautiful mind and a glorious God who loves me.

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