Compliant Day

Today I was compliant. I made a meal plan and stuck to the plan. Chef AJ says you’re either compliant or not compliant when it comes to eating clean. To clarify, eating clean means whole food, plant based, unprocessed, SOS (sugar/oil/salt)-free. 

I am a big fan of Chef AJ’s program. She and her partner in the UWL (Ultimate Weight Loss) John Pierre really know how to help junk food addicts turn their life around. 
One of the problems I always had prior to doing UWL was beating myself up when I would “fall off the wagon” and eat junk food. I would go through this vicious cycle of momentary pleasure followed by guilt and regret which would often lead to a what the hell attitude followed by binge eating. 
By making it simply compliant or non-compliant, it releases all the emotion associated with eating. I follow their advice and eat fruit and veggies at the next meal as if I never missed a beat. 
This new mindset along with all the other work I’m doing is starting to snowball. I am starting to make healthier choices that is leading to other successes like having energy to wake up early and exercise. 
Baby steps. 
Kathy G

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