Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Fail to plan, plan to fail… that phrase has been playing in my head since talking with my plant-based nutrition coach, Katherine Nilbrink today and then hearing it again on a group coaching call with Chef AJ and John Pierre.

I have posted previously about my resistance to menu planning and meal preparation. It’s not something I like to do. However, I understand that it is crucial to success on overcoming junk food addiction.

I rarely watch TV, but my one indulgence is The Voice. I love that show. I love that it gives people an opportunity to pursue their dreams and the chemistry between the coaches is great too. As I was watching tonight, I got to thinking about the people who are most likely to succeed on the show. It is the musicians who have prepared, trained, and planned for their art and opportunities. They practice all the time. It’s not a job for them, it’s art, it’s fun, but it’s still a lot of work especially if they make it through on The Voice.

So, it makes sense. If I want to succeed with this wellness journey, I have to do what successful people do and one of the main things they do is PLAN their meals! They do not leave it to chance what they will eat because that leaves too much room for temptation to sneak in from being too hungry. I know this. I just have to do it. Would I get up on The Voice and say, sorry I just didn’t plan for success? No! I would do what I need to do to win. I want to apply that same will to my wellness journey.

Chef AJ has a saying that I like. She says, people who are unsuccessful do what’s easy, people who are successful do what it takes.

So, I’m off to get some ideas and plan and prep my meal for tomorrow. Do you need some menu plan ideas too? Check out PCRM and PETA. Do you have a good resource for menus? Please share in the comments section.


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