Mental Detox

My conclusion at the end of this three day detox is that perhaps what I needed wasn’t a food detox but a mental detox. This particular detox had a holistic component which I enjoyed, things like writing and relaxation exercises – things to get you to slow down and examine your life. That was very helpful and insightful. The food part wasn’t for me. The menu called for things I didn’t care to eat, so I just skipped the meal which I know isn’t the healthiest thing to do. The interesting thing about the detox was that I craved foods such as oranges, potatoes and carrots with hummus, not junk food, which is a big step forward to me. So, maybe the detox accomplished what it was meant to.

Overall, I’m grateful for the experience because I now know detox programs are not my cup of tea, but the mental cleanse and clarity is something I want to continue doing!

Kathy G

As I was thinking about the lessons of this three day detox and discovered that what I needed was a mental detox, I looked up supporting resources as I often do and ran across this book Mental Detox by Cheyenne Bryant who has helped celebrities get past self-sabotaging and limiting beliefs. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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