Detox Day 2 of 3

Day 2 of my detox involves pampering myself but I forgot to get the epsom salt and a few other spa items from the store. I’m not one to sit in the bath. I usually take a shower and go, go, go which makes it all the more important to pamper myself once in a while. So, I plan to pick up the stuff for a home spa treatment tomorrow and take some time to detox my pores and relax. 
Day 2 food wise was a little tougher because I feel nauseous. I don’t know which is worse – to eat the food and vomit or not eat at all. I’m somewhere in between right now. I eat a little bit but having a hard time choking it down. It’s not bad food, I eat steamed broccoli and cauliflower all the time. I’ve never blended it into a soup before. It’s amazing how much that changes the taste. I’m just glad I only have one more day. No way could I do a detox more than three days. I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long. It’s more determination than anything. I just want to push the reset button and do what it takes to stay on track with my plant strong program and the detox felt like a great way to start. Now I’m having second thoughts about that, but I’m staying committed to the process! 

Kathy G 

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