Fat Tuesday Day of Indulgence or Absolution

I happened to look up at the calendar and noticed “Shrove Tuesday” on it. I’ve never heard of it so of course I Googled it. It is associated with two big events. Lent and Mardi Gras! It is also referred to as Fat Tuesday because that is the day when people traditionally indulge and party before they commit to giving something up for Lent.

Fat Tuesday reminds me of the “diet” mentality that I’ve had for many years which is to overeat junk food the day before I know I’m going to start a restrictive eating plan. After nearly 40 years of doing this, I have it down to a science. I am sure that habit of indulging followed by dieting has played a significant role in the binge eating and food addiction I am now working diligently to overcome.

I have never participated in Lent before, but I think I will this year. I want to give up SUGAR/OIL/SALT. The mere thought of “giving something up” makes me want to indulge “one last time”… is it ever one last time? I’m guessing that is where “Fat Tuesday” comes in!

So, I gave myself free reign today to have whatever I want before I start Lent tomorrow and I really surprised myself. I only had a few homemade potato chips and some popcorn at the movies. That indulgence is very mild compared to some of my free for all indulge yourself days where I have restaurant hopped having oil soaked fries, multiple servings of sweet tea, Hershey Pie, cookies, cake, candy, ice cream, and a host of other highly addictive foods. I think the switch has flipped for me. My partying and indulging days are behind me. I just want to be healthy. I much prefer the original meaning of Shrove Tuesday where we repent and ask for God’s helping in dealing with our issues.

Goodbye Fat Tuesday, no more pancakes for me. Bring on the kale or maybe those low-fat raw vegan cinnamon rolls in the video below!

Kathy G


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