Take Me to Church – Water Fasting and Prayer

Last night I went to a random church with my best friend. We haven’t been to church for a long time and decided it was time to get back into the habit. I really didn’t have any expectations from attending church, but I was curious why we were led to that particular church. Although I have strong faith, I’ve never been big on going to church because I have always believed that you can worship God anywhere and I’ve never understood all the different religions and their various doctrines. I guess I would call myself a non-denominational Christian. I like to listen to Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. I love their positive and uplifting approach to preaching. I majorly went off my clean eating plan yesterday for reasons that seem like excuses, but I would say it was basically because I didn’t consume nutritious foods which left me susceptible to self-sabotaging choices when it came time to refuel. So, here I am sitting in the church listening to the preacher talk about how he cannot help his parishioners, that they must lean on God for understanding. He told a story of how he has only called upon his pastor three times in the past 15 years. He said when someone goes to the elder pastor he recommends that they fast on only water and pray for three days and then let him know if they still have a question. Was that the message God sent me there to hear? Can I fast on water for three days and pray to get over food addiction? That is the question I want the answer to. I know I cannot do it alone. I know I am totally dependent on God to guide me and see me through. However, I believe I have been being like the pastor’s flock and depending on others to guide me out of this storm. I highly value professional advice, but I know it doesn’t hold a candle to God’s will. I really want to do the water fast and prayer, but Valentine’s Day is Saturday and I’m pretty sure my husband will want to go out to eat. Do I go and just drink water? That will be a real test of my willpower which is already stretched thin. OK, here’s the plan. My birthday is February 23rd. I think I will start the water fast on the 19th which is the Chinese New Year and continue to my birthday which is a Monday. I always look at Mondays as a fresh start and with it being my birthday too, that’s perfect timing. 

My prayer is to break the cycle of addiction and eat unprocessed, plant-based whole food from my birthday on. That is my intention and vision. If it is God’s will, consider it done.

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Daily Report Exercise 50 Squat & Reaches T25 Meals B – 32 oz water L – 15 Bean Soup, Apple salad with apples, raisins, walnuts D – Energy – 4 Gratitude Journal 1. I am grateful for faith 2. I am grateful for forgiveness 3. I am grateful for nourishing food 4. I am grateful for supportive friends 5. I am grateful for my eternal father in heaven who loves me unconditionally

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