Control Your Environment or It Will Control You

“Control your environment or it will control you.’ ~ John Pierre

One of the biggest challenges on my wellness journey is my environment. Junk food and processed food are everywhere! It means I have to rely on willpower at all hours of the day and night to not eat cookies, cakes, ice cream, pizza, and other unhealthy foods.

I was watching John Pierre talk on the Ultimate Weight Loss DVDs and what he said made so much sense to me. He said, “Control your environment or it will control you!” He went on to say that we cannot rely on willpower to stay away from processed foods because even just seeing a picture of it can trigger a craving. He shared a lot of great tips on how to avoid tempting junk foods when it’s in your environment. I’m going to give them a try this week. I’m sure it’s much easier to control what foods are in your environment when it’s just you at home, but when you live with people who aren’t health conscious and have no desire to be, you have to get creative. I asked my husband to take his cakes and other junk foods to his “Mancave” so it’s out of site. Still, there is almost always something in the fridge or cabinets that can sabotage the best made plans. It’s a constant effort with lots of refining. Just this morning I gave into a craving when I was making pancakes for everyone else.

I am also going to practice the visualization techniques John Pierre talks about in the Ultimate Weight Loss program. I’m really surprised I haven’t thought of it myself before since I teach about vision boarding! He shows us how to take it to the next level. I believe that we need all the resources and support we can get on this journey. I will never give up on my wellness and weight loss goals no matter how many times I fall down.

If you struggle with food addiction and emotional eating like me, I highly recommend that you follow people like John Pierre, Chef AJ, Katherine Nilbrink and Susan Peirce Thompson. They are helping me tremendously!

Kathy G

Daily Report

50 Squats
30 Minute Walk

B – Pancakes & Syrup (I know, not nutritious!)
L – 32 oz water, Pretzel Bites
D – 32 oz water, Spaghetti and applesauce

1. I am grateful for the interesting people I met this weekend.
2. I am grateful for this beautiful day.
3. I am grateful for my health.
4. I am grateful for inspiring and giving people of the world.
5. I am grateful for great books people write to help us get healthy and live our best life!

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