The Game Plan

If you fail to plan, you are still planning. It’s called the failure plan! That’s the overall message I got from my holistic health coach today. She didn’t say it exactly like that, but that’s the inference I took away and it really made an impact. 

With all my years of studying personal development, I should clearly understand that if you want to succeed at anything you have to make a plan and then work that plan! 

So why am I so resistant to making a meal plan and sticking with it?! My whatever you want whenever you want it eating plan is obviously not working or I wouldn’t be morbidly obese! 
I can see victory stretched out before me, it is so close I can smell it, taste it, feel it, but yet there is an invisible barrier in the form of resistance that has permeated not only my diet but every aspect of my life. Regardless of the obstacles, I am no longer willing to accept mediocrity! I challenge myself to rise up against my past and my fears to become the person God is urging me to be.
I feel this war going on inside me where part of me just wants to go with the flow, not caring about the consequences. The other side knows there is so much more to life when you step outside your comfort zone and when you take care of yourself. Sometimes you have to fight for your freedom, stand up for yourself to yourself.

It’s not the menu plan that I resist, I think it’s conformity which is something I have rebelled against my entire life. The challenge is to realize that structure and follow through will help me. My plant-based nutrition coach has given me a menu plan but I have subconsciously resisted following it and I haven’t followed my own menu plan either. I say I want to be successful with this transition, but my actions have not been consistent with success.

“Rules” have always had to be on my terms or I would rebel and get away from the rule maker as fast as I can. I remember playing a game of Red Rover with my cousins when I was 9 or 10. I didn’t feel like they were playing fair, so I refused to play. That’s when my older cousin turned to the other kids and angrily yelled, “It has to be Kathy’s way or she won’t play!” Funny that memory comes to mind as I’m trying to sort through my feelings about menu planning. I have always wanted to be in control of anything that affects my life. I suspect it stems from feeling like I had no control of my life when I was a child.

What I failed to see is that by not controlling my eating plan, I lose control of my health and of my destiny. I will be 52 this month and am quickly realizing that this is a pivotal time in my life. It’s the third quarter and the opponent who has come in the form of inconsistency has dominated this game. I will not give up, especially when I know that I can easily win by simply following the game plan! 

Kathy G
Daily Report

I am grateful for…
1. My plant-based nutrition coach, Katherine Nilbrink for giving me some much needed tough love and guidance.
2. Clarity on my plant-based journey.
3. Wisdom to listen to wise council.
4. God’s grace and forgiveness 
5. Today – I appreciate today and being in this moment.
B – 32 oz Water, orange
L – 20 oz water, can of Popeye spinach, banana, a few walnuts, raisins, dark chocolate chips 
D – Carrots with pine nut hummus, steamed potatoes 
Energy Level on a scale of 1-10

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