Are You Ready to Roar?

Have you ever listened to the words of Katy Perry’s song Roar? She says, “I am the eye of the tiger, a fighter, a dancer through the fire, I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!” I love empowering songs like that. That’s why I love music and personal growth books so much, they inspire you to keep fighting the good fight and keep on keeping on no matter what. 
Speaking of fighting the good fight and keeping on no matter what, I am issuing a challenge to myself and invite you to join me. 
I have a sedentary job where I sit for 8 hours a day. Then I often go home and sit another 2-4 hours to write, sometimes longer if I’m working on my website or other online projects (or distractions like email links and Facebook). That’s a lot of sitting! I used to not want to sit in wide chairs because I was convinced the wider the chair, the wider my butt became! 
So, I am trying to come up with creative ways to incorporate movement and exercise into my day. One idea is 50 squats a day no matter what. I started doing it yesterday. My plan is to make it as automatic as brushing my teeth. I may add more squats and other exercises as I go along, maybe see how many I can do in a day, that would be a fun challenge. I remember doing so many squats and lunges one time that it was hard to sit on the toilet for a week! As long as my knees cooperate, I’m doing it. Want to join me? 50 squats a day no matter what! 
Kathy G 
Daily Report
Exercise – 50 squats done! 
B – 32 oz water with lemon, blueberries and a banana 
L – 20 oz water,  Subway Veggie Delight Salad 
D – 32 oz water, Steamed broccoli & rice 
Energy = 4
(On a 1-10 scale) 
Gratitude Journal 
1. Time – Time can be my best friend or worst enemy depending on how I manage it.
2. Income – My husband hasn’t worked since a devastating fire we had last August that burned our home and business to the ground. Money has been tight, but fortunately I have an extended temp job that is holding us over. My goal is to make a living online so I can be anywhere and still conduct business. I would LOVE to blog for a living and help people from the beach or some cafe in Paris! 
3. My awesome grandchildren – They are one of the main reasons I am on this plant based journey. I want to set a positive example for them and do fun active things with them like flying kites, hiking, traveling, and other fun adventures. That all takes energy to do! 
4. My mom – She is there for me. It’s comforting to know someone supports you and your dreams and goals. My mom is my biggest fan and cheerleader. She has a young spirit, great sense of humor and easy smile. We have gone through a lot together and made it to the other side stronger, wiser, bolder, and more courageous. Thanks mom! I love you. ❤️
5. My God-given gifts – It has taken me many years to realize that God gave me the gift of writing to inspire people. I wasted so much time on self-limiting beliefs, such as feeling inferior, inadequate, and comparing myself to the “real” writers of the world, that years have flown by like a super sonic jet with stories untold and songs unsung. It is time to soar like the eagle I am (Oak Hill EAGLE ’81 alum). Like Katy Perry, it’s the half time performance of a lifetime and you’re gonna hear me roar! 

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