Shrink Yourself

A couple days ago I listened to Chef AJ’s teleclass where she interviewed Dr. Roger Gould, author of Shrink Yourself. I remember reading his book when it first came out, but I never got the play on words until I heard him talk during the interview. I took the meaning as in get smaller not as in self-help although I knew it was a form of self-help. 

Dr. Gould has taken self-help to the next level with his new Shrink Yourself App. He has a series of questions that helps compulsive, emotional and binge eaters like me figure out the real issue. I used this process after his interview and it showed some interesting results of deeper rooted causes I would have never thought of that are tied to environment, relationships, etc. I’m looking forward to using Dr. Gould’s app to overcome emotional eating. It’s definitely worth giving a try!
Kathy G

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