The Best Weight Loss Secret Ever!

By watching Chef AJ’s video Ultimate Weight Loss Secret #1, I feel like I just got the key to the weight loss door that I’ve been banging on and trying to open for years! Although I have heard “eat whole foods” it really didn’t soak in about the smoothies until I saw the visual where she dumps all the food from the blender in a bowl. I have had the hardest time dropping weight since I became vegetarian three years ago. I foolishly believed it would melt off the moment I stopped eating meat and deep fried foods. I thought the smoothie was the way to go because it filled me up like a meal would and still kept the fiber in. Now I understand for optimal weight loss, I need to chew my whole fruits and veggies. Makes perfect sense now that she explained it to me. I’m so glad she is making these videos They are a invaluable for someone like me who wants to transition from a junk food vegetarian to whole food plant based so I can once and for all get to my ideal weight (which means losing at least 165 lbs), have abundant energy, and be free from food addiction. 

Thanks Chef AJ! 

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