Give Me a Minute

I have to figure out a way to exercise consistently. The past two days, I have pushed snooze when the alarm went off to get up and workout. So, I’m going to try a one minute experiment. When the alarm goes off, I’m going to get up and exercise for at least one minute. If I want to go back to bed after that and hit snooze for another hour fine, but I’m betting that once I’m up and moving for a minute it will lead to the workout I originally planned to do. Maybe not. We will see. Either way, it will make the healthy girl inside me happy.
I’m betting the same one minute concept will work with cravings. If I’m craving something, I’ll drink water first and wait one minute. If the craving doesn’t go away, I’ll eat some fruit or veggies and wait one minute.
I could even combine the two. If a craving hits, go for a one minute walk! It sounds like some sort of reverse psychology, but whatever it takes to replace old limiting habits with new empowering ones. I can feel my brain firing up with new neural pathways already!
Maybe I’ll start with this exercise that Dr. Henry Grayson teaches…
I love to get up at 5 a.m. every day and exercise. 
I know this to be true and I know it with the depths of my being.
And then progress to one minute burpees! 

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